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Meeco's Sure Start Firelighting Squares (144 ct)

Meeco's Sure Start Firelighting Squares (144 ct)

SKU: 074197004196

Made from compressed wood chips, paper fiber and wax. Ideal for charcoal grills, campfires, fireplaces, woodstoves, pellet and corn stoves.
Lights quickly and easily. Will bur 8 – 12 minutes, even when wet.


Indivudal squares made from compressed wood ships, paper and fiber wax, 1 7/8"x 1/1/2"x 1/4X

Will start lump coal no problem, will not flavor food, lights quickly and easily, orderless and non toxic


    Build and light fire, burns 8-12 mins even wet, can break up into smaller pieces to make box last longer.

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