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Meeco's Direct Vent sealant #615

Meeco's Direct Vent sealant #615

SKU: 074197006152

Excellent for sealing the firebox and venting joints of gas, pellet, corn and wood stoves.
1100°F peak operating temperature, 900°F continuous.
Does not promote rust when applied to bare metal.
Paintable when dry, aire cure.

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    Clean and dry surface of dirt, rust, grease, oil etc (lacquer thinner with glean off grease and oil, apply desired amount, air cure).

    Sealants not an adhesive, soap and water to clean, OK on exterior bare metal once cured but apply in good weather, does not promote rust when applied to bare metal, paintable once cured, as heat is applied the sealant will begin to expand and flow into fastened joins providing a homogeneous gasket.

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