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Chamber Safe 5 Gallon Bucket

Chamber Safe 5 Gallon Bucket

Chamber Safe is a high performance, refractory parging material designed to strengthen, streamline, and restore the critical smoke chamber area in masonry chimneys. The preferred choice of chimney professionals, Chamber Safe smooths jagged, corbelled walls typically found in the smoke chamber, and creates a smooth transition between the smoke chamber, and flue liner. Chamber Safe is the ideal choice for improving the flow or draft of the fireplace! The unique insulating properties of our Chamber Safe product improves the safety of the chimney by reducing radiant heat transfer through the smoke chamber. Available in a 5 gal. container (net weight 30 lbs.), Chamber Safe can be installed by cast, parge, trowel, hand pack or grout bag method. Chamber Safe may be used for repairs to firebrick and masonry in smoke chambers, ash pits, clay flues, fireboxes, kilns, masonry heaters, masonry ovens, masonry walls, vent connections, woodstoves and more! This product meets ASTM standards (E-196, C199, and C401), and is non-water soluble.
•High Performance, Refractory Parging Material
•Adds Structural Strength & Resists Temperatures up to 2500° F
•Superior Adhesion & Better Workability
•Meets ASTM Standards E-196, C199 & C401
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