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Energy Top Damper

Energy Top Damper


The Energy Top Damper is an energy-saving, easy-to-install, top sealing damper that saves on home heating and cooling costs at a cost-effective price. This damper is so effective, the cost is recouped within 1-3 years. What makes the Energy Top Damper so unique is the soft, pliable rubber gasket seal attached to the frame that compresses and conforms to the lid when closed. This strong, flexible barrier protects against all elements. Designed with a cast-aluminum lid and stronger spring, this damper is easier to open and close while still creating an air-tight seal at the top of the chimney. When closed, this low profile damper is a great solution for saving “paid” energy dollars for homes with leaky or missing dampers. Heat loss up the fireplace chimney accounts for an average 8% of your home heating costs - the Energy Top Damper helps prevent this heat loss.                                                                                                    
•Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
•No Fusible Link / Quick & Easy Install
•100% Seal / Energy Efficient
•Limited Lifetime Warranty                                                                                                                
8 ” x 8″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 7″ x 7″ to 10″ x 10″
8″ x 17″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 7″ x 15″ to 10″ x 18″
9″ x 13″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 7″ x 10″ to 10″ x 13″
13″ x 13″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 10″ x 10″ to 13″ x 13″
13″ x 18″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 10″ x 15″ to 13″ x 18″
18″ x 18″ Fits Inside Flue Sizes 15″ x 15″ to 18″ x 18″

  • Hardware or Components Included

    The Energy Top damper comes with a hardware kit, 29' cable and handle. The hardware kit includes a chain assembly, keyhole bracket, silicone, two nail anchors, Allen wrench and instructions.

  • Installation Instructions

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