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Meeco's Hi -Temp Silicone Sealant -Black #601B

Meeco's Hi -Temp Silicone Sealant -Black #601B

SKU: 074197106012

Ideal for sealing pellet stove flues and gas appliance vent pipes.

Will withstand operating temperatures of 450°F continuous and 500°F intermittently.
24 hour cure time @ at least 60°F Suitable for outdoor use

  • Applications

    In a well ventilated area, apply to clean, dry, free of frost (cold weather application) surface for proper application, (do not use soap to clean, silicone won’t adhere to soap residue), for porous surfaces, use sandpaper/wire brush to clean surface before applying, allow 24 hours to cure and bond properly, silicone sealants skin over in 5 mins, dry to touch in 1 hour cures/bonds in 24 hours and can take up to 7 full days to reach maximum strength.

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