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Rutland White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream

Rutland White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream

SKU: 565

RUTLAND White Off® Glass Cleaning Cream is specially formulated for the removal of white residue on gas log fireplace glass doors. Non-abrasive and easy to use, this glass cleaning cream does not scratch or cause micropitting. Also great for ceramic range tops, stainless steel, composite sinks, chrome, aluminum, porcelain, ceramic tile, and tempered glass. Ammonia-free.

  • Product Info

    • 8 fl oz Bottle
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Made in the USA
  • Directions

    Wear protective gloves and eyewear. Allow surface to cool before cleaning. Test first in a small area. Shake well and apply to surface. Rub vigorously with a clean paper towel. Remove excess cleaner and buff with a new paper towel.

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